The Story

On a distant planet called Plasmalia where billionaires go to get their custom planets made. Yes, planets!!! There are many legends about how Plasmalia came about but the one that elders like to tell children is of “The Day”.


“The Day” was very much like any other day back then. Kids were running around and the grown ups were playing Parcheesi which is a ball game. Grown ups became so weary of playing Parcheesi every single day that they decided to create Plasmalia. Since then, Plasmalians became the only planet engineers. They can create any planet , nothing is impossible for them.

Each year Plasmalia hosts the Annual Nobelia Prize Award, a very prestigious event that is awaited mostly by engineers but regular folks as well. The award is given to the most talented planet engineer. The preparations for the event are gruesome. Each planet engineer must design a planet that is so unique and jaw dropping that people wouldn’t believe their eyes. Every year without exception the results are astonishing. Some planets are made of diamonds, others made of warm french-fries, or immortal rose petals. Once there was a planet that had never ending music and changed form depending on the hour of the day.


This year's race will be as exciting as ever. The whole Plasmalia its holding its breath to see what will happen between the two most talented engineers.

One one side, we have Vavamoche. A Plasmalian in his forties who is known to be bitter, malicious, and jealous. Everyone detests and fears him because of his vicious tongue. He spends his days alone designing planets and what planets they are. His creations are always so beautiful and gentle. Everyone is surprised how such a foul person has this amazing talent.

Bubble Nova

On the other hand, we have Nova. A Plasmalian in her twenties, who is kind, generous, and benevolent. Whose smile warms the heart of young and old. Nova's track record makes her a true prodigy. She has created a moon and dwarf planets of great beauty. Her work is recognized by the engineer society to be extraordinary. Her recent request for a planet design comes from the richest man in the universe, Bill Gatsor. He wants a planet who is visible to him alone and remaining invisible to everyone else!

The story of Bill's request spread quickly through Plasmalia and it reached Vavamoche's ears. He became so jealous that he commented in a local newspaper how Nova was very young and did not deserve the attention. He elaborated by saying that her creations were immature and lacked technical knowledge.

In the face of this enormous challenge and Vavamoche's comments, Nova dreams of creating what could very well be the most incredible planet ever invented. Serious and applied, she does her research and begins creating the prototype of her dream planet, NovaLova. She quickly realizes that she’s missing a few things she needs for the creation of NovaLova. She searches through all the galactic guides at her disposal in order to find the most promising planets as to where she can gather all the things she needs. She prepares her shortlist and decides to begin with a little blue planet inhabited by dolphins, mice and humans called Earth. There she wishes to find all the elements she needs.

Your mission is to help Nova gather the missing pieces to create her dream planet NovaLova and get the chance to win the Nobelia Prize!

And to teach Vavamoche a valuable lesson: that a kind heart creates extraordinary things.